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Bumar Żołnierz S.A./ TARNÓW S.A. Zakłady Mechaniczne

The company ZMT is a recognised supplier for the Polish and foreign armed forces, police, and other uniformed services . The company’s showcase is a wide range of armament and military equipment: - 23mm artillery and artillery-rocket antiaircraft systems), - sniper rifles – (bull-pup, calibre 7,62mm, 8,6 mm and 12,7mm, bolt – action and semi automatic) - machine guns (7,62mm and 12,7mm) - grenade launchers (40mm automatic and hand-held) - mortars (60mm) - training equipment (simulators for 23mm systems) - mobile indoor shooting range The equipment was adopted by the Polish Armed Forces and combat proven in the toughest conditions. All companies and institutions interested in the development of technologies for the defiance needs are welcome to cooperate with us.


Juraj Králik - ZAJO


SČMVD/ Znak Malá Skála

see The Union of Czech and Moravian Production Co-operatives


Zip Fuel

Zip Military Cooking Fuel is a newly developed sustainable fuel, specifically for Military Field Cooking. The unique formulation, using the latest technologies and naturally derived Biofuel makes it a highly efficient alternative to more traditional options such as Hexamine, gas and alcohol gels.