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AURA, s. r. o.

Profile: AURA is focused on development and implementation of information systems for defence logistics, public administration and industry. • ISL (Information System for Logistics) – a uniform tool for all branches of the armed forces providing military logistics with support in all important areas • MC CATALOGUE – IS designed for materiel codification in compliance with standards of the NATO Codification System (NCS) • Comprehensive services in the area of materiel and services codification in compliance with standards of the NCS, ISO 8000, ISO 22745 and OTD (Open Technical Dictionary). The services comprise of SW products, assistance with implementation of codification systems, data cleansing, training, consultations, codification and services of a certified Codification Agency • AURA supports NCS College • Exclusive agents of Bruhn NewTech Group for the Czech Republic and Slovakia References: AURA has developed and maintains the Information System for Logistics for the Czech Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces. MC CATALOGUE was chosen as a codification tool for National Codification Bureaus by twelve countries – both NATO and non-NATO. Products:  Comprehensive information systems for defence logistics  MC CATALOGUE – State of the art SW for codification according to NCS with rich functionality and full compatibility with ACodP-1: NATO Manual on Codification. Available in configurations for NCB, codification agencies and industry.  Support of NCS implementation including NCB establishment and TIER 2 achievement  E-procurement solutions using standardized description of purchased goods and services  Content/document management system (CMS/DMS) specialised in defence standards  CBRN Information Management tool CBRN-Analysis

Hall 3 | Stand 362


Úvoz 499/56
Czech Republic
602 00

Phone +420/544 508 111

Fax +420/544 508 112



  1. Global Combat Systems and Products / Manoeuvre and Logistic Software
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  3. Asset Management / CBRN Detection and Decontamination Systems
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  5. Procurement, National Acquisition System
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