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MilDef consists of MilDef AB and MilDef Systems in Sweden, MilDef Limited in the United Kingdom and MilDef Crete in Taiwan. Our products are built to survive the rigors of combat in any environment from scorching desert heat to severe arctic winds. But withstanding the elements is far from the only challenge. There is limited space and weight capacity to get in all the required functionality while being prepared for future developments. MilDef´s mission is to constantly push the bar higher for getting the most performance per square inch with innovative compact units. MilDef equipment is also designed to reduce energy consumption and heat production, be highly mobile and easily upgradable. Because being flexible is as vital as being able to take a pounding.

Hall 3 | Stand 375


Muskötgatan 12
250 22

Phone +46/42 2500 00




  1. Obstacles and Obstacle Clearing Equipment / C4ISR
  2. Obstacles and Obstacle Clearing Equipment / Electronic Warfare, Intelligence and Communication Systems
  3. Global Combat Systems and Products / Laptops
  4. Logistics Support Units / Secured Systems
  5. Logistics Support Units / Strategic Communication Systems
  6. Logistics Support Units / Tactical Communication Systems
  7. Modular Units and Buildings / Tactical Communication Centres
  8. list of products, services & industry sectors