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Main Partner

General Partner

Worldwide Promotion

% page advertisement or PR article in the official Exhibition catalogue 1/2 1/1 2/1
Company logo published within the FF14 worldwide marketing campaign – International defence and security exhibitions, international media, national and international institutions
Company advertisement or PR article in the MILITARY TECHNOLOGY World Defence Almanac (in English), AL DEFAIYA World Defence Almanac (in Arabic) or chosen issue of the MILITARY TECHNOLOGY monthly magazine
Company logo on FF14 roll-up banners
Company logo in selected FF14 promotion materials
Company logo and PR in newsletters regularly sent to 16,000 hand-picked, verified and updated e-mail addresses of the Future Forces database
Promotional video published at the official FF video channel
Company logo included in the official catalogue entry

On Site Promotion

The main exhibition hall named after the Yours company or product and labelled with company logo
Company logo on visitor and exhibitor badges
Company logo on badge string
Billboard at the main entrance (5.2 x 2.4 m)
Distribution of the company promotion materials to the VIP participants
Distribution of the company leaflets within the entire exhibition
Company presentation projected on LCD screens in the Foyer and Exhibition halls
Company logo in exhibition map indicating stand location
Company logo at VIP Lounge, Business Centre and conference hall
Company banner above the entrance hall
Roll-up banner at the entrance hall
Roll-up banner at the main entrance to the exhibition hall
Company banner or logo at the visitor registration desk and at the VIP visitor registration desk
Company banner or logo at the information desk
Suspended company banner at the main exhibition hall
Company logo printed on the carpet laid in main entrance hall and conference hall
Official company website set as a landing page at FF14 internet point

Official Website and Social Networks

Web banner on the FF14 homepage (may include promotional videos) silver gold platinum
Company logo at the FF14 official website
Company logo on the registration form visitor visitor visitor and distinguished guest
Online company profile
Publishing of the company news releases on the official FF14 website
Publishing and sharing of the company PR through the official Future Forces social networks (FB, IN, FL, YT)
Extensive online coverage – FF14 official website is linked with all partner or supporting agencies and organisations worldwide

Accompanying Programme

Company logo at the backdrop during the Official opening ceremony
Company logo at the official VIP photo backdrop
Roll-up banner at the Official opening ceremony
Roll-up banner at the official NATO expert working group meetings
Roll-up banner at the FF14 workshops
Company logo and roll-up banner at the Official VIP party

Networking Programme

Scheduled meetings with VIP delegates and distinguished guests
Company exposition included in the FF14 Stand-stopper Programme
Company presentation during a chosen expert working group meeting, workshop or live demonstration
passes to the VIP Lounge 2 4 6
VIP passes to the Official Party 2 4 10
Free access to the workshops

Other services

Business Lounge at company’s disposal for private meetings
Transfers between hotel and PVA EXPO Prague (one car a day)
Promotion and company logo in the official FF14 Trailer
Company logo in the FF14 documentary

Company Exposition

Indoor exposition 30 sqm 50 sqm 70 sqm
Outdoor exposition 15 sqm 25 sqm 35 sqm
Position of the exposition standard as per requirement prominent position



10,000 €

15,000 €

20,000 €



Main Partner

General Partner