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Official Welcome

Jan Sajdl

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Partners and Friends,

Today, more than ever, we are aware that to be successful, cooperation in the field of defence & security must be mutually beneficial for all players involved. Our aim is to identify trends that shape the future development in defence and derive defence & security implications. The security architecture that contributes to defence and security needs to be developed to counter future threats and military, as well as, civil risks.

Emphasizing this, I am pleased to inform you that the Czech Republic will host the biennial defence & security specialised meetings during the FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014 (FF14) in Prague on 15 – 17 October.

FF14 is aimed at Personal Equipment, Protection, Training & Simulation; Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection; CBRN; Electronic Warfare; C4ISR; ISTAR; Logistics, Support Systems and Services; Weapons and Ammunition; Land Vehicles and Systems; Air Vehicles and Systems; Unmanned and Autonomous Systems; Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS); Allied Ground Surveillance (AGS). The FF14, recently known as Future Soldier Exhibition, has boasted great reputation within the international professional military community since its inception.

The FF14 is a progression of the Future Soldier project by wearing a new “combat uniform and business dress”, equipped with new “exhibition weapons and tools”, and extended exhibition portfolio. The FF14 is simply an excellent opportunity to communicate development and future projects in defence and security domain and to become familiar with state-of-the-art Future Forces technologies.

The Czech Republic has the honour to host the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Capability Development Group (JCBRNDCDG), Joint Capability Group Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance/Camouflage, Concealment, Deception & Denial, Obscurants (JCGISR/CCDO) and Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) expert group meetings in Prague within the week of the FF14 exhibition. The NATO AC/225 LCG DSS (Land Capability Group on Dismounted Soldier Systems) has been officially invited to hold its regular meeting in Prague during the ibid period as well.

The Czech Republic thus cordially invites all allied nations and partners across the globe to display and present national development in the area of Future Soldier technologies (national future soldier projects, smart camouflage, textiles, nanotech, ballistics, laser protection, exoskeleton, communications, weapons, body armour, medical, CBRN, etc.), Unmanned and Autonomous Systems (legal, technological and psychological aspects of using artificial intelligence and robotics in combat operations, surveillance and reconnaissance missions), and logistics. During the FF14, there will be organised various live demonstrations & trials of the Dismounted Soldier Systems Capabilities and Unmanned & Autonomous Systems for all the national participants.

Our team is fully dedicated to help and support our exhibitors to be visible worldwide, to respond to individual requirements, needs and expectations, and to realize your valuable proposals and recommendations within the scope of FF14.

The 2nd edition of international conference focused on cyber defence & security will be enriched with topics concerning future crises & risks and crisis management. The Future Crisis Conference 2014 is primarily aimed at the security and information community of the public sector, armed and security forces, the academia and private business cooperating in projects of public interest with special focus on recent cyber topics. The conference will also provide answers to questions of how cyber security and modern information and communication technology relate to the ordinary human being and society.

FF14 offers you to meet the key business partners, buyers and decision makers, to establish and maintain efficient contacts with high representatives of the NATO, EU, PfP, Mediterranean Dialogue and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative as well as i.e. MENA, BRICS, South Korea, South Africa, Japan and all other Contact Countries.

The FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014 is a great opportunity to meet face to face with the security policy decision makers, high ranking officers, military and civil experts, project leaders, scientists, procurement chiefs, defence & security industry leaders, businesspeople, and high military representatives from NATO HQ and its agencies, NATO Centres of Excellence, European Union (European Defence Agency, EUROPOL, OSCE), etc.

We highly appreciate the long-lasting professional support and patronage of the Czech Ministry of Defence, General Staff, National Armaments Office, Prague Castle Guard, Czech Defence University, NATO representatives, NATO HQ bodies, Czech Defence and Security Industry Association (DSIA) and other national or international organisations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am looking forward to welcoming you to the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the FF14 and I cordially wish you to enjoy your stay in Prague.

On behalf of the FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference team,

Yours faithfully,

Jan Sajdl
General Director