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Word from the Chief of General Staff

Petr Pavel

Dear Friends of Future Forces 2014,

at mid-October 2014, Prague will be the venue to the Future Forces international exhibition coupled with a specialist conference and additional events. Although the exhibition bears a new name this year, it still builds on the previous runs of the successful international Future Soldier project conceived in a similar fashion.

Success of every such exhibition cannot be measured by the simple rate of occupied exhibition area or length of the participants list. That is a commercial aspect, which is however not the key one with Future Forces type of events that primarily focus on seeking practical and real answers to future challenges. The bottom line is to create an inspiring space, which the organisers have truly managed to deliver, both with Future Soldier and now with Future Forces.

Thanks to the project, Prague became one of the hubs for representatives of the international security community – businesses, military, politicians and experts – to meet and interact on high specialist level. The military always benefit from such collaborative efforts, no matter whether they generate improved weapon systems, communications, surveillance technology, new camouflage systems, ballistic protection, defence against weapons of mass destruction, medical equipment or seemingly simple, but indispensable and perfectly functional buckles on our harness. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that you never know what technology will help save your life, enable mission accomplishment or provide security and stability in the world. Indeed, in today’s globalised world interconnected in many layers and strands, any nations’ compass of possibilities is critically limited without intensive cooperation. That involves multifaceted and multilayered cooperation – among nations, armed forces, security community and businesses.

As the Chief of General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, I take a great pleasure in the fact that Future Forces 2014 exhibition and conference will be held under my auspices. Engagement of the Czech Armed Forces experts in the project is considerable as they voice opinions as experienced users in individual forums and the topics proposed for discussions in 2014 are extremely interesting for us.

I wish the very best of luck to the Future Forces project and I am looking forward to meeting you, the participants, in October later this year in Prague.

General Petr Pavel, M.A.
Chief of General Staff, Czech Armed Forces