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Word from the Minister of Defence

Martin Stropnický

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Future Forces Exhibition and Conference 2014 directly follows up on several editions of the Future Soldier exhibition and other successful preceding international defence and security projects that have been organized in the Czech Republic since mid-1990s.

The current security situation and challenges and risks in the domain of defence expected to come up in foreseeable future will continue to require a comprehensive approach and international cooperation to prevent or manage them. Military capabilities will definitely remain one of the key factors and will often be essential in resolving crisis situations. Therefore, defence and security will continue to be based on the development of military capabilities supported by the defence and security industry as well as on extensive international cooperation at the multilateral, regional and bilateral levels.

However, military capabilities are not and cannot be the only vehicle to ensure security. In providing security and managing crisis situations, the role of civilian actors has been growing in importance and, simultaneously, national and international cooperation is ever more significant. The international Future Forces 2014 Exhibition will definitely attract attention of the security community, government authorities, academia and businesses involved in projects serving the public.

Future Forces 14 also offers an excellent opportunity to introduce to the public and experts the current state of development and goals of the Czech Armed Forces and the national defence and security industry in a number of events the exhibitors and additional organisations will hold in concert with the Ministry of Defence and the Czech Armed Forces.

I am confident the 11th edition of the Prague international defence exhibition will highlight the current and future trends in defence and security, follow up on the undeniable success of previous projects and once again offer a venue for the community comprising leading experts from NATO nations and EU member states and other partners for defence and security, defence and security industry leaders, the military and researchers to come together.

Martin Stropnický
Minister of Defence