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The FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference (October 15 - 17, PVA EXPO Praha – Let?any) will take place for the eleventh time this year. Until recently, it was held under the name FUTURE SOLDIER, and although its scope has been substantially expanded, the programmes focusing on the gear and equipment of the so-called “Future Soldier”, which NATO member states have been working on for quite some time, still remains its core. It will thus be again possible to see the latest tactical gear articles and innovations in the fields of electronics, communications, equipment and battlefield survival.  

The Army of the Czech Republic will demonstrate a comprehensive system of communication and interactions of elements of the command chain up to the principal command level at its stand covering an area of more than 300 m?. The key element is the main command node, which is connected to and communicating with six workstations representing ground forces, air force and air defense, artillery, engineers, CBRN and signal troops. The equipment on display will include, inter alia, the LOV Pz artillery reconnaissance/surveillance system and VDK man-portable artillery surveillance and observation system, TALON EOD robotic system, Taros 6x6 Furbo tactical automated ground system, equipment for forward air controllers, gear and equipment of a soldier armed with the CZ 805 BREN assault rifle, including accessories, or KIM10 communication and information module.

The Czech Strakonice-based arms manufacturer LUVO will introduce its flagship model, the LA-16 (M4) assault rifle; Saab Technologies will show its Carl-Gustav M3 and M4 recoilless rifles, and the stand of a cluster of companies manufacturing technical textile materials will offer a display of ballistic vests, anti-shock equipment, ballistic helmets or add-on armour by Argun. At the stand of VR Group, a subsidiary of LOM Praha, visitors will have an opportunity to have hands-on experience with the STING laser tactical system intended for marksmanship training of individuals and tactical exercises of units. There will also be a demonstration of elements of a live simulation system and visitors will be able to test their short and long firearm sharpshooting skills without having to use live ammunition at the STING-TSB laser target range against STING-TSJ pop-up targets. Domestic industrial leaders Tatra Trucks and SVOS will also show their latest products. 

The exhibit dominating the stand of LOM Praha will be the upgraded Mi – 171 Sh helicopter with SOF II integration and a number of other modifications. It will feature new avionics consisting of modern radio transceivers (COM 1 to 5) permitting encrypted and satellite communication. A meteorological radar, FLIR unit and a blue force tracking system will also be onboard. All the avionics items listed above are built into a new state-of-the-art modular cockpit. The Mi – 171 Sh helicopter has a new lightweight armour suite, both in the cockpit and in the cargo/passenger compartment. The helicopter is armed with the M-134DH Minigun weapon system and features the SR-1 abseiling system for rappelling or fast-rope insertion of personnel. All the modifications outlined above have been designed and integrated by LOM Praha; the last phase of the upgrade was supported under the US Government SOATU mission programme.

Development Trends in the Field of UAVs

Unmanned aerial vehicles are soldiers’ eyes and ears in current combat operations. In addition to a workshop on the subject, the FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference will also offer a chance to see a number of them in action.  They can be seen, for example, at the stand of Blaskor, a company manufacturing unmanned fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft, or at the stand of Eqquera, which has invented and is improving the so-called “Mother Hen and Friendly Chicks” UAV concept that can be used in a number of applications and combat missions. In practice, this means that the mother UAV can carry a number of smaller UAVs, launch them as directed, and pick them off the air again once they have completed their task.
The EYE09 is a highly portable tactical unmanned aerial vehicle requiring just one operator. It can be folded and carried in a backpack, it has a unique versatile interface for connecting any instruments it may be carrying, and can be assembled and disassembled without any tools. The EYE09 can carry, for example, a daylight or thermal camera or sensors identifying various gaseous substances or radiation.  Their output can be transferred directly onto the ground control station’s display.
There will be more camera systems present at the exhibition – Liteye’s thermal cameras and radars are the ultimate in the field of building or border/perimeter protection. The radar can detect even small targets, for example a crawling person, as well as vehicles or low-flying fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft.

Audiopro’s special equipment department deals in secure communication systems or wireless audio conference systems featuring encrypted data transfer.

Special Fibres are Fifteen Times Stronger than Steel

Combat deployments of troops in different parts of the world places extreme requirements on materials the soldiers are clad in when moving around or fighting in such environments, including the material’s ability to protect the soldier against a chemical attack or, for example, viral infection.  

These issues are covered by workshops on the “Future Soldier” and CBRN issues. Many exhibitors will conduct practical demonstrations of their latest products. For example, the systems manufactured by Beth-El offer full protection against chemical, biological and radiation threats, can filter out toxic industrial substances and chemicals, remove dust and provide ventilation; they can also be combined with air conditioning or heating systems, tear gas filters or filters eliminating toxic fumes produced by shooting. IsoArk medical products of Beth-El, on the other hand, are an ideal solution in situations requiring a quick isolation of a person or object suspected to have been contaminated with germs of a contagious disease or infected particles.

Dyneema artificial fibres offer their users a combination of maximum strength and minimum weight.  If samples of identical weight are used, the fibres are up to fifteen times stronger than high-quality steel and 40% stronger than aramide fibres. Dyneema artificial fibres float on water surface, are extraordinarily durable and resistant against moisture, ultraviolet radiation or chemical substances. The range of their applications is thus virtually unlimited.

Saab Technologies s.r.o. will display models of Carl-Gustav M3 and M4 multi-purpose weapon systems, including ammunition; a mannequin equipped with products of Saab’s Training and Simulation Division (Personnel Detection Device, mine detector) and the CBRN Sampling Kit. Saab?s stand will also show other products from our broad portfolio.

MilDef will display a range of new rugged products that just have been released, including the new Android handheld DF7A and the slim notebook Rocky RS11, at their stand. The company will also show some of its brand-new 19in/2 products.

FLIR Systems has 40 years of experience within design and manufacturing of Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras. Cameras and long range sensors are used for maritime, vehicle, airborne and portable systems for high resolution night vision sights.

TYR Tactical set out to revolutionize tactical equipment for the Next Generation Warrior™. TYR Tactical have created a patent-pending, hybrid material called PV™. By manufactured design, the entire line of pouches and vests weigh at least 20 percent less than comparable products available in today's market.

Patriot Ordinance Firearms (POF) USA is dedicated to providing the highest quality parts and accessories for law enforcement, military and civilian sales at the lowest costs available. Service and support is our number one priority and concern. All weapon systems are subject to weapon regulations and laws.

O-One – A new brand born of the bond between SOF brothers in arms from across the alliance. First product line launching spring 2015 is Invictus Apparel – Combat clothing in the highest quality, designed without compromise to meet and exceed the demands of the modern warfighter. Available in a wide range of colors, here amongst Multicam(R) and the revolutionary Kryptek™ Camo patterns.

All brands will present Precision Technic Defence.