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Slovak Government Authority Secures Public Finances with Symantec


The security of the Slovakian Rebublic’s public finances is safely in the hands of Symantec. DataCentrum, which IT processing services associated with the country’s state budgets, treasury, and tax, standardized on an integrated portfolio of Symantec endpoint security and encryption technologies almost a decade ago. The solution protects critical government fiscal information,
mitigates new risks, and lowers the cost of government IT infrastructure security.

Budget management in Bratislava

Occupying both banks of the Danube River and as the only national capital to border two independent countries (Austria and Hungary), Bratislava is the political and economic hub of Slovakia. The city is also home to a key government institute: DataCentrum. This organization is the information center for the Ministry of Finance of Slovak Republic, processing data associated with state budgets, state treasury, tax, and customs affairs.

As a key government department in Central Europe, DataCentrum operates strict rules governing threat management. However, it is a continual struggle for the organization to keep up with changes in the threat landscape, maintain adequate visibility of the IT infrastructure, and manage alerts. To this end, the organization standardized almost a decade ago on Symantec solutions.

As the chief operating officer of DataCentrum, Peter Cichra is at the forefront of safeguarding the public finances data. “DataCentrum—together with the Ministry of Finance itself—is constantly evolving and new infrastructure trends, such as mobility, virtualization and cloud-based solutions, can open up new avenues for attacks. With Symantec, DataCentrum benefits from ‘edge-to-endpoint’ visibility across the Slovak infrastructure. This mitigates new risks and protects our critical information.”

For Cichra, one of the most important benefits of standardizing on Symantec is the knowledge that the government organization is partnering with a global leader in data security. “The breadth of the Symantec portfolio, market leadership, and the gradual evolution of the Symantec technology is what stands Symantec apart from other vendors,” he says. “With such a strong security solution stack, Symantec is gathering huge amounts of threat data that cascades down into improved protection for customers like DataCentrum.”