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The FUTURE FORCES will bring top military representatives from all over the world to Prague


Examples of new fielded equipment and of links between science and research on one side and current development objectives on the other side will be presented by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic at the FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference which will take place between October 15 and 17, 2014, at the PVA EXPO PRAHA Letňany exhibition grounds. The exhibition, which is this year’s largest meeting of experts from the NATO and other international security agencies (US Program Executive Office Soldier, NATO Army Armament Group, NATO Support Agency, NATO Industry Advisory Group, European Defence Agency, Europol etc.) will host more than 130 exhibitors representing almost 200 brands. It will present, inter alia, a number of national “21st Century Soldier” projects, e.g. German, US, Polish, Dutch or Czech. 

The programme complementing the exhibition will be attended by more than 580 delegates and guests of honour from 48 countries. The promoters expect more than 7,000 visitors representing governments, armies, integrated rescue system elements, national and international organizations, research and industry.

The exhibition will be accompanied by four international workshops (October 16 and 17) focused on “Future Soldier” equipment, CBRN, capacity logistics and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These will be followed by panel discussions and dynamic demonstrations of military equipment. The speakers will include, inter alia, representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance, EDA, EUROPOL or countries like Brazil, New Zealand and others.

There will also be a parallel three-day co-located international cyber security conference under the name “Future Crises”. It will focus on both legislative and technical issues, cyber defence and protection of critical information infrastructure. The conference will also include dynamic demonstrations of potential threats and detection and analysis of cyber attacks showing how to best fight against phishing and blackmailing e-mails or DDos attacks, or how to prevent risks associated with unsecured WiFi networks etc.    

The FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference is also this year’s largest domestic presentation of portfolios of Czech defence companies and universities doing research in similar fields. The exhibition will thus be attended by companies grouped in the Czech Defence and Security Industry Association and the Association of Guns and Ammunition Manufacturers and Sellers of the Czech Republic, but also by the Military Research Institute or the University of Defence.  The Czech Technical University will present achievements of its research projects in the fields of robotics, autonomous unmanned aerial systems and cyber defence, in respect whereof it is closely cooperating with, for example, US defence agencies. The Textiles Faculty of the Technical University in Liberec, which specializes in revolutionary new materials, advanced textile technologies and nanotechnologies directly participates in the programme of workshops on CBRN and equipment of the “Future Soldier”.   

The exhibition will be ceremonially opened by Minister of Defence Martin Stropnický and Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel on Wednesday, October 15. The Future Forces 2014 exhibition and its accompanying programme are a great opportunity to present development objectives of the Army of the Czech Republic to an international professional audience. “We expect that the extent of our participation will be similar to previous years. However, there will be a brand new fundamental concept of our presentation, emphasizing the connection of science and research to practical military issues. Rather than military equipment, we will present our visions and objectives at the exhibition, but also ways and means we intend to use to achieve them. The Future Forces 2014 exhibition will undoubtedly show us which direction we should take, also with regard to allocated funds. A direct confrontation like this is the most effective way to achieve progress,” Takováto přímá konfrontace je nejefektivnějším způsobem k dosažení progresu,“ Colonel Aleš Vodehnal, Director of the Department of Ground Forces Development of the Development and Capability Planning Section of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, says.