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A vision of a joint-air force

11-05-2012 Budget cuts make the NATO allies search for solutions in joint defence efforts. Czech Department of Defence is no exception and thus the ten years old idea of joint Czech and Slovak air force is being revised again.

According to first deputy Jiří Šedivý the sharing of fighter-planes should not get to an extent where the Czechs would watch over the supreme Slovak air space and vice versa. "The air-space control is an important part of the national sovereignty. A situation when an allien pilot shoots down a plane kidnapped by terrorists over our air-space is hardly acceptable," says Šedivý. Yet major savings could be reached if both countries proceeded jointly in the fields like logistics, service, spare parts supply or the training of the pilots.

Necessary precondition of success in the joint proceedings is the unified equipment and armament - and that most likely can not be done anytime soon. While the Czech are in process of negotiations for prolonging the rental of their 14 Gripens with Sweden, the Slovaks still keep their 12 refurbished MiGs - 29.