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NATO will build a joint training center in the Czech Republic

25-05-2012 The NATO summit in Chicago has approved the setting up of a multinational helicopter training centre based in the Czech Republic, The project, presented together with Croatia, is the Czech Republic’s contribution to NATO’s Smart Defence Initiative, focusing on interconnecting of different capabilities of member countries to reach higher effectiveness and economy.

The project is a part of sharing defence capacities by the NATO member countries and the Czech Republic has prepared in cooperation with Croatia. It will use the base in Pardubice, east Bohemia, at which Afghan and U.S. pilots now gradually undergo training. Croatia, for its part, offers other suitable geographic conditions for training in mountain terrain.

"It is our small contribution, such a tiny stone in the mosaic of the things that can really be done jointly in the future, more on the basis of division of labour. Besides, every country will save something," commented the Minister of Defence of the Czech republic, Mr. Alexander Vondra.

According to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen the allies have approved twenty similar projects „The Alliance needs and at a price it can afford.“ NATO hopes this will be a way how to achieve a distinctive modernizations and improvement of its forces despite fact the member countries are currently facing defence budgets costs.