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31-05-2012 The organizers of the FSCE 2012 met the DSIA (Defence and Security Industry Association) of the Czech Republic to present detailed information on this globally important event. The FSCE 2012 was introduced by Mr. Jan Sajdl, General manager, Mr. Pavel Zelenka, Executive director, Mr. František Kočí, Director and Mrs. Martina Ondkova, Production manager and Mr. Jiri Vrana, vice-chairman of the Association of the manufacturers of Firearms and Ammunition of the Czech Republic.

The guests of the meeting were e.g. Mrs. Hana Tröberova and Mr. Jiri Pichl from the Highest Command of the Police of the Czech Republic, col. Antonín Zlínský, of the and the Armaments Division of the Czech MoD and president of the DSIA, Mr. Jiri Hynek. The corporate guests of the event were representatives from companies Sodat, Meopta, B.O.I.S. Filtry, Pramacom, Oritest, ATS Telcom, Bull, Swordfish, Max Merlin and many others.