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01-06-2012 The organizers of FSEC 2012 participated in the IDEB Expo in May, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Their exposition was a part of the official Czech Armed Forces stand and they met dozens of representatives of both armed forces and companies from more than 20 countries, presenting them the FSCE 2012 both at the exhibition and during informal meetings.

Mr. Pavel Zelenka, the Executive Director of the FCE 2012, met not only the Slovak President Dr. Ivan Gasparovic, but also the President of the Slovak Association of the Defence and Security Industry, the general manager and the principal contracting officer of NATO Communication and Information Agency (NC3A). the president of the European Defence and Security Industry (AFCEA), millitary attaches of Egypt, India and USA or representatives of the NATO Support Agency (NAMSA) but many journalist from all around the Europe as well.