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The Senate gives the missions a go

20-06-2012 The Senate of The Czech Republic has approved the government's foreign missions plan for the next two years - thus the last necessary legislative step in the process of the approval got a go after both the government and the lower chamber smoothly approved it.

The plan envisages a reduction of troops in Afghanistan and a gradual change of focus from military operations to training of local security forces. The Czech army will maintain 539 troops in Afghanistan next year and 340 in 2014. A maximum of ten soldiers will remain active in Kosovo within the KFOR mission and three soldiers will serve in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Around 40 soldiers will serve in NATO command structures around the world.

Vast majority (61 out of 69) senators voted for the mission plan. "I do not remember a support this high and regardless the political stands of the voting senators," commented Mr. Alexander Vondra, Czech Minister of Defence, and added: "Our proposal is realistic, it reflects current economic and technical capacities of our country and yet it clearly expresses our desire to be serious about our commitments and obligations toward the allies."

About 25 thousands of Czech soldiers has already served in the foreign missions since the 90ties, more than 8 thousands were deployed in Kosovo, about 3 thousands in Iraq, over 8 thousand Czech women and men in uniforms have already serve din Afghanistan.