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Castle Guard will take part in FSEC2012

The modern history of the Castle Guard started on 6 December 1918 as the Military High Command of the Czechoslovak Republic issued a directive earmarking an infantry century from the 28th Infantry Regiment and assigning the unit to guard the seat of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic. It was called the Castle Century and consisted of three infantry platoons and one machine rifle platoon – in total 5 state employees and 166 enlisted personnel. It was the first regular military unit to provide military security of the Prague Castle and to perform military honours as a part of protocol and representation activities of the President of the Republic. Just as nowadays, the Castle Guard was claiming allegiance in its past heydays to the traditions of the Czechoslovak legions, who shed their blood in the First World War battlefields for the creation of an independent national state.

After nearly ninety-four years of existence, the Castle Guard is a full-fledged and integral component of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, fulfilling the tasks of guarding and defending the residential locations of the President and representing the President in performance of his duties. Some of the most important official honours the Castle Guard has organised recently were: meeting of the Presidents of the Central European countries, visit of the Pope, reception of the US and Russian Presidents, organising the state funeral of the former president Václav Havel, etc. The Castle Guard comprises the Command and Staff, two Guard Battalions, Support Company and Castle Guard Band. The total strength of the unit is 653 personnel. Perhaps the most distinguishable feature of the Castle Guard soldiers are the characteristic blue uniforms, created by designer Theodor Pištěk and introduced in 1990. Arms used by the Castle Guard are, particularly, the CZ SCORPION EVO 3A1 submachine gun and the CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM pistol; ceremonial arms include the Mod. 52/57 rifle (show version) and the Mod. 2001 rapier.

The Castle Guard not only fulfil their mandatory duties but at the same time represent the State in front of Czech and foreign visitors who come to the Prague Castle. We can see the soldiers every day during the guard-changing ceremony in the 1st courtyard and during the change of guards at the entrance gates of the Czech President’s seat.