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Will Experience a Simulated Hacker Attack

27-09-2012 A simulated hacker attack and defence against it will be one of major attractions of the Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference taking place in Prague-Letňany (October 17 - 19, 2012). Under the auspices of Deloitte, Andras Kabai, a renowned international IT security expert, will demonstrate a simulated attack during which the hacker will gain access to the computer and with it a possibility of acquiring sensitive information and attacking other computers in the network. Kabai, Deloitte’s IT Security and Data Protection Manager, will demonstrate there exist many ways how to modify or encrypt harmful binary programmes to make them unrecognizable by antivirus programmes so that the attack is undetectable.

The hacker attack, which will be demonstrated three times a day at the Deloitte exposition, dovetails nicely with the main topic of the greatest accompanying event of the exhibition, the two-day “Future of Cyber” conference, co-organized by AFCEA. It will deal with issues of protection against cyber attacks and all related matters, including protection of information and personal data and relevant legislation. Under the auspices of Deloitte, a live demonstration of a hacker attack and available defence options that can be used against it will take place directly at the conference.

The Future Soldier Exhibition & Conference 2012 is held under direct auspices of the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic, Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic, Association of Guns and Ammunition Manufactures and Sellers, Czech Chamber of Commerce, Castle Guard and Military History Institute in Prague It also offers an exceptional opportunity for personal meetings with, for example, top representatives of the supreme command of the NATO. The international exhibition, which is a display of top-notch military technologies and an important destination of traders from all over the world, will already take place for the tenth time. In addition to cyber defence, this year’s event will focus on new personal equipment and gear of soldiers, communication systems, critical infrastructure elements and defence technologies. Defence technology buffs among the general public can visit the exhibition on its last day, i.e. October 19.. Products and technologies of several dozens of companies from more than 30 countries of the world will be displayed.