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FSEC 2012 Prague: Seen and Heard


The success of this year’s Future Soldier & Conference was also confirmed by the interest of the media in new products displayed by exhibitors and events accompanying the exhibition. In addition to major Czech TV and radio networks, dailies and professional magazines, most of the leading international military periodicals were covering the exhibition as well, bringing topical news on their websites or Facebook pages, such as Military Technology or Tactical News Magazine:
UK Technology Demonstrator Ready
Seen and Heard
NORMANS to Be Fielded Soon
New Membrane by Polartec
FS Prague - Impressions
New Tactical Communication and Hearing Protection System
World Premiers at Future Soldier 2012
Photographic Recap of Day One
Day 1 Recap
Protection by Jammers and EW
Vehicle Upgrades
Carinthia Keeps You Warm
Sharp, sharper, Victorinox
Bumar’s FS Programme ULAN 21
Tactical News Magazine