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Military Vehicles on Order from the Czech Republic

17-06-2013 As per inputs, Libya has struck a €38 million deal with the Czech Republic to buy 350 amphibious armoured vehicles. The order will include the amphibious BRDM, a wheeled combat reconnaissance vehicle armed with two machine guns, and the BVP-1, a tracked infantry fighting vehicle. Both types are amphibious, able to operate on land and sea. A further 300 vehicles already owned by the military are to be modernised, in Libya, as part of the deal.

However, Libya is not yet permitted to buy arms. Excalibur Army, TATRA and VOP CZ, firms which will supply and upgrade vehicles, are apparently concerned that the deal may fall through because ammunition cannot be included in the sale.

The Czech Government would not allow ammunition to be exported to Libya for the time being. However, it is probable that Libya already has ammunition suitable for use with the new vehicles.

Before the revolution, the Czech Republic was one of the top ten countries supplying Libya with weaponry, munitions and related equipment, following the 2003 lifting of the 1992 arms embargo on the country. It sold almost €2 million worth of military vehicles to Libya in 2007 and, the year before, sold €421,000 worth of toxic agents to the country.