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Jackals & Drones - Check out two articles published by our British Military Advisor, Mr. Christopher McKeating, in the NATO's Joint Forces Training Centre (JFTC) Journal.


A short intro to the articles:
Front-line Consensus on Terrorists Using Drones by FUTURE FORCES 2014

“If a terrorist group gets drone technology, it will use it against us in every way it can.”
Former United States Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair

That Warning will be Presented by FF14 in Prague

“Due to the increasing para-militarization of some terrorist organisations, military oriented discourse between the irregular combatants of non-state forces has become sufficiently close enough to the discourse of regular combatants of nation-state forces that, for certain aspects of terrorism studies, elements of the state can effectively be interviewed in lieu of terrorists.”
British Military Advisor, Christopher McKeating

That Research will be Presented by FF14 in Prague

By theorizing how non-state combatants and state combatants think alike in combat and hybrid warfare and, by focusing on what they have in common with regard to innovation, acquiring targets, applying their equipment and adapting their defensive and offensive capabilities to their mission, research published by JFTC NATO has shown how it is possible to hypothesize with first hand expertise on the consensus as to the threat of terrorists investing in drones.

That Threat will be Presented by FF14 in Prague

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