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Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) Expert Group meeting during the FUTURE FORCES 2014 exhibition in Prague

21-01-2014 The FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014, an exhibition-cum-conference on current and future trends in defence and security, closely tied with relevant professional communities, will host the most numerous meeting of logistic experts.

One of the main topics of the event, which will take place on the PVA EXPO PRAHA exhibition site in the Czech Republic from October 15 to October 17, 2014, will be the realm of international logistic operations, standardization, codification, transportation, supply of materiel and POL, and Smart Energy. FF14 will bring to Prague a meeting of the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) and with it also a gathering of top-level logisticians and procurers from more than eleven countries of the world. Top-of-the-notch experts in the field will discuss lessons learned during the recent largest logistic exercise in NATO’s history and future challenges of logistic operations.

The exhibition will be supplemented by an accompanying professional programme comprising workshops, seminars and live demonstrations attended by experts, scientists, members of National Armament Directorates and government representatives from more than 80 countries. In addition to issues related to the 21st Century Soldier concept, the agenda will also focus on international logistics, unmanned aerial vehicles and CBRN protection.

There will also be a meeting of one of the most important expert working groups of the Alliance - AC/225 LCG DSS (Dismounted Soldier Systems) – during the FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014 in Prague.

The participation of the Dismounted Soldier Systems Working Group at the FUTURE FORCES is exceptional among similar events in Europe. Conclusions drawn by Working Groups have a long-term effect on requirements of NATO member states and their partners for equipment and armament of armed forces, and thus also affect product portfolios of companies and subcontractors involved in national Future Soldier programmes.

The LCG DSS Working Group numbers about 150 members from 35 countries, whose responsibilities include specifications of requirements of military units for small-caliber weapons, optical devices, ammunition, non-lethal weapons, combat gear and equipment, communications, science and new technologies, based mainly on lessons learned during recent or current military operations.

They will thus present acquisition plans and current needs in the field of protection, equipment, armament and means of communication for soldiers in Prague. Results of their discussions can also be made use of with respect to other security forces and elements of the integrated rescue and disaster-relief system. As a matter of fact, there are considerable overlaps and duplications among all military or security forces, particularly in the fields of research of materials for equipment and the development of communication technologies.

CBRN experts will meet in Prague as well

Over 50 experts of the NATO Joint Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defence Capability Development Group will focus on future CBRN threats and challenges in Prague. The planned workshop will deal, inter alia, with issues such as CBRN Capability Development, CBRN Functional Services, Warning, Reporting & Hazard Prediction of CBRN Incidents, CBRN Physical Protection and CBRN Medical.

The combination of the FUTURE FORCES 2014 exhibitions and active involvement of groups of experts brings exhibitors and professional visitors alike a top-notch accompanying programme, which reflects current trends and needs in the field of defence and security. At the same time, however, it will touch upon issues and challenges which armies, police forces and other elements of integrated rescue systems are likely to face in the years to come. It will include the Open NATO Future Soldier Workshop, Open NATO CBRN Workshop, Unmanned Systems Workshop and Capable Logistician Workshop.

The Future Crises conference, a follow-up event of the previous Future of Cyber conference and held under direct professional auspices of and in cooperation with the AFCEA Cyber Security Working Group, will constitute an autonomous chapter of the accompanying programme. The main issues it will focus on will include cyber security, protection of data in mobile networks, protection of critical infrastructure elements, home security and crisis management.

The FUTURE FORCES 2014 exhibition will also host representatives from top echelons of the Alliance and the Alliance´s partners, the European Union, as well as representatives of Latin American and Asian countries with a rapidly growing commercial potential.

An Opportunity to Win New Contracts

As a specialized B2B event, the FUTURE FORCES 2014 exhibition helps exhibitors find new business opportunities, establish personal contact, demonstrate their products and technologies to relevant parties or get an idea of where their research efforts and manufacturing potential should be directed. Its meticulously built programme and close cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Defence, NATO HQ and EDA draws not only military and civilian experts, but also procurers and businessmen looking for new suppliers, to Prague.

Compared to similar exhibitions in which thousands of companies participate, the exhibitors in Prague will have a great opportunity to personally address experts and official delegations and demonstrate their products to them without any stress. The FUTURE FORCES 2014 organizers offer the exhibitors a possibility to arrange bilateral meetings with experts and businessmen according to their requirements.

You can find detailed information about the FUTURE FORCES 2014 exhibition and conference at


Four workshops will be organized during the FF14 to answer this question:
— Open NATO Future Soldier Workshop
— Open NATO CBRN Workshop
— Unmanned Systems Workshop
— Capable Logistician Workshop