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International Unmanned Systems Workshop


As a part of FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014, this October in Prague

The International Workshop for Unmanned Sea, Air and Land Systems (USALS) is a two-day professional event that is divided into three sections: State Affairs, Non-State Affairs & Current Affairs. The workshop is supported by exhibits and a live demonstration and simulation as an integral part of the international defence and security exhibition FUTURE FORCES 2014.  It is to be held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic on 16 and 17 October. It is expected that over 150 + experts from more than 35 countries will participate, including representatives from NATO, the European Union and other international institutions. Professionals from the world of Academia will be present to provide an insight into the immediate requirements of today’s armed and unarmed forces.

Workshop´s focus is on non-military and military unmanned, automated and semi-autonomous vehicles covering: regulatory and operational matters; current and future applications; technical and performance requirements; legal implications of the civilian and military use of USALS, asymmetrical types of operations (including terrorism and counter-terrorism) and the lessons learned from Afghanistan, Iraq and others.

The Unmanned Systems Workshop will also be the first in its field to tackle the current controversy over the technology head-on.
“If a terrorist group gets drone technology, it will use it against us in every way it can.”
Former United States Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair

Under the auspices of the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Republic, The Unmanned Systems Workshop will remain true to the Exhibition’s origins and in compliance with the principal objectives and actual core tasks of the Alliance and its Partners across the globe, namely the Connected Forces Initiative and Smart Defence.

Despite the increasing use of Unmanned Sea Air & Land Systems by state-forces (both on and off the battlefield) and statements such as Admiral Blair’s, the question as to whether or not drones will soon be used by non-state forces has, until recently, actually attracted little public debate. With the militarization of terrorist organizations across the world intensifying however (e.g. with the paramilitaries of Syria, their use of heavy weapons and their recruitment of veteran combatants from Iraq and Iran), it is a topic that is increasingly being discussed at the operational level within military circles throughout the Alliance. In order to test this observation and demonstrate military discourse on the subject, The Unmanned Systems Workshop will provide assessment of consensus on the matter across fields such as electronics, avionics and explosives and raise inspiring questions.

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Registration should be made by submitting the US Workshop registration form by fax, e-mail or online at