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Open NATO CBRN workshop

Open NATO CBRN Workshop News

The FUTURE FORCES is a military exhibition and conference oriented on current and future trends in the area of defence and security and is closely connected with the relevant professional community. This year will take place in the Czech Republic from October 15 to October 17, 2014, on the PVA EXPO PRAHA exhibition site. One of the principal topics of the exhibition,, will be CBRN and Prague will host many CBRN experts. FF14 will offer also Open NATO CBRN Workshop, full of last knowledge and research. The main expert cooperating on this is Military Research Institute, NATO and EDA, Belgium. Read more about the Open NATO CBRN workshop below.

Motto: “Scientific results cannot be used efficiently by soldiers who have no understanding of them, and scientists cannot produce results useful for warfare without an understanding of the operations.” – Theodore von Kármán (1881-1963)

While international security and stability are today challenged by a multitude of phenomena, nation-state efforts to develop or acquire WMD and their delivery systems still constitute one of major threat to the worldwide security, deployed troops, and allies. Traditionally, international agreements and diplomacy have deterred most nation-states from acquiring biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, but these constraints may be less effective in preventing terrorist groups from doing so. The time when only a few states had access to the most dangerous technologies is past. Biological and chemical material and technologies, almost always dualuse, move easily in globalized economy, as do the personnel with scientific expertise to design and use them. The latest iscoveries in the life sciences also diffuse globally and rapidly.

CBRN threat requires swift and coordinated response from multiple agencies and synergy among all stakeholders. Management of response to such incidents has assumed critical importance and requires specialized training and dedicated equipment.

The OPEN NATO CBRN Workshop will provide a unique forum for the exchange of CBRN information and ideas among CBRN defence policy makers, doctrine thinkers, incident responders, technology developers, acquisition professionals, and the supporting defence industry. This exchange will focus on the better understanding and increased responsiveness to CBRN user’s needs. Selected speakers from CBRN defence stakeholder organizations and agencies worldwide will discuss current issues and future direction. The exhibition will showcase the broad array of CBRN defence equipment and technologies.

Our goals for OPEN NATO CBRN Workshop and exhibition are simple, but bold: to raise an awareness and participation of the diverse joint, interagency, intergovernmental, multinational industry, and academia interest of the CBRN defence community, to promote greater participation in global CBRN defence dialogue and ultimately leverage CBRN community to provide the best support possible to current operations and soldiers.

The OPEN NATO CBRN Workshop is a two-day professional workshop divided into four thematic sessions:

General Information
Patronage: Minister of Defence, CZE Minister of Foreign Affairs, CZE, Military Research Institute, Brno, CZE, Minister of the Interior, CZE, Chief of General Staff Armed Forces, CZE, H.E. Ambassador of the Czech Republic to NATO, CZE, Chief of Chemical Corps of Czech army, CZE, 314 Warninng and Reporting Centre Hostivice, CZE, 31st CBRND Regiment Liberec, CZE, JCBRND COE Vyškov, CZE, Military Health Institute, CZE, Centre of Biological Defence Techonin, CZE,Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA)

Workshop Programme Committee:
Chairman: Mr. Radomír Mikeš, MSc., Live Agent Training Co-ordinator, Military Research Institute, Brno, CZE
Members: COL Karel Huleja, MSc., Chief of Chemical Corps of the Army, CZE; Mr. Bohuslav Res, MSc., PhD., Director’s Deputy of Military Research Institute, Brno, CZE; Mr. Pavel Čuda, MSc., PhD., Head of CBRN Division, Military Research Institute, Brno, CZE; Mr. Leoš Hornung, MSc., PhD., Military Research Institute, Brno, CZE; COL. GS. Prof. Jan Österreicher, MD., PhD., Director of Military Health Institute, CZE; Mr. Miroslav Skoumal, MSc., PhD., Military Research Institute, Brno, CZE; Mr. Jiří Kadlčák, MSc., PhD., Military Research Institute, Brno, CZE; LTC Jaroslav Bartoš, 314 Warninng and Reporting Centre Hostivice, NATO JCBRND-CDG member, CZE; Mr. Pavel Zelenka, Director of Foreign Relations, ICC FF14, CZE.
Contact for Participants: Ms. Karolína Máchová, Workshop Production Manager,, +420 221 602 234

Date: Thursday 16 – Friday 17 October 2014
Location: Prague, Czech Republic (PVA EXPO Praha, 20 minutes from the centre of Prague with nearby metro station Letňany)
Workshop registration: Registration should be made by submitting the CBRN Workshop registration form by fax, email or online at On-site registration at the venue will not be possible.
Proceedings: The workshop proceedings will be in English. All papers and reference documents, will be accessible within 14 days after the workshop. Access to the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site is included in the delegate registration.
Workshop Catalogue: Delegates will receive a copy of the workshop catalogue.
Workshop Fees in EURO: All delegates will have free access to Future Forces exhibition area.
*) Presentation includes presentation and live demonstration (20 minutes incl. QAP). Price excludes 21% VAT.

Exhibition: To exhibit, please contact: Ms. Silvie Simkova (