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The principal topics on Future Force’s 2014 agenda

03-03-2014 FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014 - PRAGUE

The FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014 (FF14) is a follow-on event of the Future Soldier exhibition project that has been successful for many years. Held for the eleventh time in 2014, it will host the largest-ever meeting of international experts, in particular those on the “21st century soldier” projects, protection against weapons of mass destruction, international logistics or use of autonomous systems. Four special workshops, a conference on cyber threats, discussions on the latest trends and current needs, a number of experts and prominent guests from the whole world, all of the above in one place – this will be the FUTURE FORCES 2014 event.

The FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 2014 will greet its guests, experts, exhibitors and visitors between October 15 and 17, 2014, at the PVA EXPO PRAHA Exhibition Grounds. The event will comprise a special accompanying programme consisting of four workshops, seminars, live demonstrations; the FUTURE CRISES International Conference, focusing on cyber security issues, will constitute an autonomous part of the programme. The exhibition-cum-conference will be attended by top-level military and political representatives, experts, scientists, representatives of national armament directorates and international acquisition agencies from more than 80 countries of the world.

The principal topics on the agenda of FF14 are as follows:

Acquisition plans and current needs and requirements of the North Atlantic Alliance and different countries will be presented in Prague as well.

Another event taking place during the Future Forces 2014 Exhibition & Conference in Prague will be a meeting of one of the most important expert working groups of NATO - AC/225 LCG DSS (Dismounted Soldier Systems). The group has about 150 members from 35 countries and its mission is, inter alia, to monitor and keep track of developments of new technologies and to formulate requirements for equipping military units by small-calibre weapons, optics, ammunition, non-lethal weapons, personal gear and equipment and communication assets.

Another fifty experts of the NATO Joint Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defence Capability Development Group (JCBRND CDG) will also meet during the Future Forces 2014 Exhibition & Conference in Prague and will focus on future CBRN threats and needs. They will also actively participate in the workshop mentioned above.

An autonomous chapter of the accompanying programme is the FUTURE CRISES International Conference, following on the previous FUTURE of CYBER conference and held under the professional auspices of and in cooperation with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). The main topics it will discuss will include cyber security, protection of data in mobile networks, protection of critical infrastructure elements, inner security of the European Union and crisis management.

The Future Forces 2014 Exhibition & Conference will host not only leading representatives of top echelons of NATO, the Alliance´s partners or EU, but also representatives of countries with a rapidly growing commercial potential from Latin America or Asia.

The event´s meticulously composed agenda and close and intensive cooperation with and under the auspices of the Czech ministries of defence, interior, industry and trade, and foreign affairs, Czech Chamber of Economy, NATO HQ and EDA, Military Research Institute and many other institutions attract to Prague not only military and civilian experts, but also purchasers and businessmen looking for new suppliers.