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Congratulations to 65. anniversary of NATO – the key partner of FF14


One of the key partners of the FUTURE FORCES celebrates its 65th birthday. We wish the Alliance every success in fulfilling its mission. We thank, among others, for the cooperation and support provided to us during the presentation of FUTURE FORCES representatives in the NATO HQ in Brussels. On this occasion, FF14 experts and consultants met H.E. Jiří Šedivý, Head of the Permanent Delegation, Mr. Cesare Balducci, Deputy Director NATO Standardization Agency, Mr. Mark W. Richter, NATO LCG DSS Chairman, Mrs. Oana Lungescu, NATO Spokesperson etc. The FF14 exhibition in Prague will host important meetings of the NATO AC/225 LCG DSS Group and NATO JCBRN Expert Group. Their experts will also cooperate on the workshops that will take place during the Future Forces Exhibition and Conference 2014, this October in Prague.