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Soldier Modernisation is Proud Media & Industry Partner of FUTURE FORCES 2014, Prague


Soldier Modernisation ( has become a specialized media & industry partner of the forthcoming Open NATO Future Soldier Workshop organised within the FUTURE FORCES 2014 (FF14) in cooperation with the soldier systems experts from NATO and EDA. The exhibition takes place on 15 - 17 October in Prague, Czech Republic.

FUTURE FORCES will welcome large number of soldier systems experts and procurement decision makers from NATO, EU and other cooperating countries all over the world. The Czech Ministry of Defence and FUTURE FORCES will host the official plenary of the NATO LCG DSS and the sub-groups’ meetings. Moreover, the exhibition will also welcome members of the following groups:
- NATO Support Agency (NSPA) Personal Combat Equipment User Group (PCEUG)
- European Defence Agency (EDA) Combat Equipment for Dismounted Soldier - Feasibility Study Programme (CEDS-FSP)
- NATO JCBRN Defence Capability Development Group
- NATO JCGISR sub group on Camouflage & Concealment
- Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre
Over 400 official delegates are already involved in the exhibition and its specialised accompanying programme including four workshops and five panel discussions.

The Open NATO Future Soldier Workshop is a two-day event for soldier system experts, industry leaders, academia and R&D centres.
The workshop is divided into four sections: Ongoing Future Soldier (DSS) Projects & Lessons Learned from recent operations; Lethality (Weapons systems, Optics and Sensors); Survivability (Soldier readiness, Protection and Endurance); Operability (Mobility, C4I, Camouflage & Concealment). The workshop is supported by exhibits and a live demonstration and simulation test area. The focus is on the latest R&D achievements implemented to the military and security forces, as well as on the future challenges, task and requirements in area of personal systems and protection. The workshop will evaluate the equipment needed by dismounted soldiers and small units to fight effectively, survive and win on the modern battlefield.
Five panel discussions organized in cooperation with the NATO experts are part of the workshop, covering current key questions in the following topics: Ballistic & Fragment Protection; Blast; Flame, Flash & Heat; Thermal IR Camouflage; and Noise.

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Adam Drnek
Project Manager