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Capable Logistican Workshop


The Capable Logistician Workshop is an integral part of the Future Forces Exhibition & Conference and will take place from 16 to 17 October. Over 150 experts from more than 35 countries are expected to participate in the workshop, including representatives from NATO, the European Union, international institutions, academia, R&D centres and industry from all around the world. Kindly find the detailed information sheet enclosed for your information and necessary action please.

The workshop is divided into four sections: National and international views on future development of logistics and related technologies; FA Fuel – MN functional partnership for Fuel Handling; FA Water – MN MILENG/LOG partnership for Water production and distribution; FA Ammunition – MN partnership for Deployable ammunition storage. Moreover, the following topics are within the scope of the involved Commanders and high-ranking officials: Science–Government–Industry Cooperation; Maintenance and Recovery; Movement and Transportation; Material Handling; JLSG (Joint Logistics Support Group); Smart Energy (SE); Electric power production; Helicopter operations; Movement Control (MovCon); LOGFAS (LOGREP, ADAMS, CORSOM, EVE); Infrastructure Engineering for Logistics (IEL); RSOM (Reception Staging Onward Movement); Asset Tracking; and Logistics Services.

Capable Logistician Workshop (CL14) builds upon the tremendous success of CL13 multinational logistician exercise and presents MLCC’s contribution to common effort in the area of Logistics Capabilities Development. The CL14 will bring together the international logistics community in order to enhance the preparedness of the next exercise in 2015 and to ensure the operational readiness and operability of deployed forces by providing a wider multinational forum for discussions focused on specific logistic Functional Areas (FAs).

By participation in the exhibition you are also entitled to meet all the other concerned experts. To see who is already involved please view the List of all VIPs and distinguished guests at FF14.

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