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Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Textile Engineering will present the results of its research in the field of smart textiles.


The Faculty of Textile Engineering was established in the year 1960 and provides as the only one in the Czech Republic academic education through whole textile subject. Faculty of Textile Engineering is active in research and development. Inventions like new technology for production of nanofiber textiles classify the faculty to prestigious institutes. The faculty participates in greatness on cooperation with industry and solves a lot of projects supported by different grants. There exists long term cooperation with many world universities and institutes oriented to textile and material engineering..
Main research areas: New materials, Metrology and New Methods of Quality Evaluation, Advanced Textile Technologies, Application of Nanotechnologies

Workshops topics presented by the Faculty of Textile Engineering :
Color changeable materials and advanced colorimetry and microscopy (CBRN workshop)
Smart textile application and its quality (Future Soldier workshop)
Protective textile for clothing and technical application and their quality evaluation (Future Soldier workshop)

Presentation at exhibition:
Offer of various topics for cooperation, contract research, expertise and advanced laboratory analysis, mainly in topic presented during workshops
Demonstration of R&D outputs in various segments and students works