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EYE.AERO (AUT) presents at FF14


EYE.AERO develops and manufactures tactical UAVs (EYE09) with customized payloads and rugged portable ground control stations (PCS) as one man systems for harsh civil and defense missions for daily use.
The Linux based PCS can also be adapted to existing UAVs. Thus it is available for OEMs, too.
The rugged portable control station PCS13 with joysticks, buttons and sunlight readable glove compliant touch display is designed for harsh civil and defense missions. The Linux system can be adapted for customer needs.
EYE09 is a highly portable one man tactical UAV system. It‘s foldability for backpack transportation, unique universal payload interface and full tool less handling are some of the combined innovative features.
Payloads like daylight and IR-cam as well as gas and radiation sensors are available for live data visualization on PCS. Special customized to fulfill the mission demands.