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International Experts in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems Meets at FUTURE FORCES 2014



International Unmanned Systems Workshop
– Unmanned Sea, Air & Land Systems
Takes Place at the
FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference

15 - 17 October 2014, Prague, Czech Republic


I am excited to announce that FUTURE FORCES 2014 (FF14) will host the International Unmanned Systems Workshop this October in Prague.

Involved respected authorities include Ministry of Defence (CZE); General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces; Department of Defense (USA); NATO Air & Land Combat Systems; NATO Army Armaments Group (NAAG); NATO HQ Defence Investment Division; Czech Air Force, Air Force and Air Defence Technical Institute; University of Defence (CZE); Georgia Institute of Technology (USA); University of Sheffield (GBR); Austrian Institute of Technology (AUT); Czech Technical University; Civil Aviation Authority (CZE); Air Navigation Services (CZE); Defence & Security Industry Association (CZE); NATO HQ; EDA; EASA; EUROCONTROL, FRONTEX, JARUS, etc.

The International Workshop for Unmanned Sea, Air and Land Systems (USALS) is a two-day professional workshop that is divided into three sections: State Affairs, Non-State Affairs & Current Affairs.

The workshop is supported by exhibits and a live demonstration and simulation test area. The focus is on non‑military and military unmanned, automated and semi-autonomous vehicles covering: regulatory and operational matters; current and future applications; technical and performance requirements; legal implications of the civilian and military use of USALS; system and sub-system developments; asymmetrical types of operations (including terrorism and counter-terrorism) and the lessons learned from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Unmanned Systems Workshop will also be the first in its field to tackle the current controversy over the technology head-on.

For further information about the international Unmanned Systems Workshop