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Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of the Czech Republic presentation at FF14


The Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of the Czech Republic participate in the event under the auspices of Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky and Chief of the General Staff of ACR General Petr Pavel.

The Czech military will actively take part in the three-day international exhibition Future Forces 2014 which returns to Prague after two years.

The aim of the Czech Army participation is not only to present the current equipment of ACR but through international exchange of experience and the level of new technology achieved in the area of defence and security, is to get access to the up-to-date knowledge that can be used for further development of forces‘ combat capability.

“This year, our major change is the new motive in which we emphasize synergy of science and research with the military practice. We will present our visions and goals, but also methods on how to achieve them. The exhibition will, for sure, show us the right direction, but also with regard to available military budget. This direct confrontation is the most effective way to meet the progress,“ said Colonel Ales Vodehnal, Director of the Land Forces Development Department at the Division of Capabilities Development and Planning of the Czech General Staff.

The Czech exposition, which takes about 300 sq. metres, will be a demonstration of the complex interoperability and interaction of major services and branches of ACR with the Major Command Post. It will be interconnected with six workplaces representing the Land Forces, Air Force with Air Defence, Artillery, Corps of Engineers and Chemical and Signal Troops.