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Shadows of memory or wandering in the footsteps of military aircrafts


Vladimir Cettl Exhibition in Empire greenhouse in the Royal garden of the Prague castle, 3.10. – 2.11. 2014

During the previous half year I´ve visited eleven museums of aviation and several military bases together in three countries. Among collectors, soldiers and aviation historians, I´ve been hunting for the fates of the retired aviation aircrafts to capture the incredible power of confession and monumentality of the original and never restored machines. From their scars and wrinkles we can feel and read so far unknown stories.

Now, I´m investing all my energy into the intensive preparations of my exhibition Shadows of memory, which will be open for public in October 2014 in the Royal garden of the Prague castle. The exhibition is held within the accompanying program of the International military Exhibition & Conference Future Forces (Vladimir Cettl)

Shadows of memory